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Half a percent

(forget I said that)

Graham Clark
Another year, another blurb.

I'm about halfway through life now, and it's going OK. Edinburgh's a good place to live, and I have some excellent friends both here and further abroad. I've recently finished a job with the biggest of the local universities, and am Actively Seeking Employment, ideally as a biologist.

I enjoy inflicting my music taste on people, and splitting hairs on matters of current interest. Be warned.

Sobchak level: currently under control. Just about.
a bit of politics, addlestone's cider, akira kurosawa, alcohol, alice donut, alternative music, architects of fear, arson, atheism, bad sean connery impreshionsh, bauhaus, big black, biology, burn, caley 80/-, charles stross, christopher brookmyre, comma-separated lists, computers, confocal microscopy, consciousness, criticising cellphone users, criticising drivers, daniel c dennett, dave langford, dead kennedys, debian, democratic socialism, despising the daily mail, djing, edinburgh, einstürzende neubauten, ethics, evolution, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary theory, films, fiona music, fluorescence microscopy, foetus, gene wolfe, genetics, genomes, genomics, gigs, going to the pub, goth, gothic punk, hugo largo, human genome project, human rights, iain banks, iain m banks, idiosyncratic interests, iggy and the stooges, iggy pop, independent art-wank cinema, indie music, industrial music, irn bru, isihac, j.g. ballard, jerry sadowitz, joe strummer, john peel, joy division, justin ranting, linus, linux, live music, loud guitars, malt whisky, mclusky, michael gira, michael marshall smith, microscopes, microscopy, miranda sex garden, morals, more politics, mornington crescent, mushrooms, music, new country, new model army, new wave, nick cave, nomeansno, not madge bloody manson, patti smith, paul crowley ranting, peace love and understanding, philip k dick, philosophy, philosophy of mind, pixies, pj harvey, political correctness gone mad, politics, post punk, pulp, punk, punk rock, real ale, real cider, richard dawkins, rome burns, science, science fiction, sequence finishing, sf, shellac, siouxsie and the banshees, skepticism, socialism, sociobiology, some more politics, sonic youth, speed cameras, spurious list entries, steer's true stories, swans, swearing like a trooper, swisstone, takeshi kitano, the bad seeds, the birthday party, the boys next door, the calling, the clash, the cramps, the damned, the gin palace, the grauniad, the magnetic fields, the nightcrawlers, the only ones, the princess bride, the sanger centre, the stranglers, the velvet underground, throwing muses, umberto eco, usenet, vegetarianism, vinyl records, whisky, william gibson, yet more politics, zombina and the skeletones