I'd forgotten about these.

But I remembered while I was in the post office.

The National Robbery and You

National Robbery 2 - Payback Time

The odds against winning the lottery are apparently roughly the same as being hit by lightning twice. If so, then the only person who ought be playing is my friend Katie, but she's probably too sorted to bother.

I actually will tell you about the last three weeks soon, but there's a lot to say.
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I have been wondering where you were. :-)

God bless the lottery. Keeps us wage slaves delusional.
I've been busy. Not all of it's good, I'm afraid. I'm working on a huge great entry at the moment. It may become several entries, though.
Well, I'm in a job in part because of it. The NLCB has given us a few hundred thousand quid over the years.

The only good track on the album, that. Even the redo of the original TdF isn't as good as the original.
stupid comment from an XFM DJ this morning, regarding a report on a recently discovered Near Earth Object:

"The odds of this asteroid, which is two miles in diameter, hitting the earth is about (x=ridiculously high number) to 1. You might think that sounds unlikely, but it's about the same as the odds of winning the lottery, and people win the lottery most weeks."