Thank God for that.

According to this it's going to be a lot cooler in Oxfordshire in the second half of this week than it is in London. This is good - the people I know in London are mainly able to spend the day indoors out of the sun, whereas I'll be wandering around a field hippie-herding. Indeed, it looks like there might even be a bit of rain. I don't normally appreciate rain during a festival, but if the alternative is blazing sunshine and temperatures in the high thirties . . . after all, there are a finite number of first-aid staff on site.
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if the alternative is blazing sunshine and temperatures in the high thirties

Me like. :-)

Hope you manage not to get heatstroke...
Thank you. I might start making sense, and that would never do.

Have a nice week, then, and try not to spoil it thinking of us broiling away in the Thames valley.
Indeed. I'll be getting down, with Chris +1 (can't remember which 1 offhand) on Wednesday, hopefully in time to find some food.
There's a ten day forecast here, to give you Saturday, Sunday and Monday too.

I'm with Jo, I *love* the heat, so this suits me just fine.
I'm very happy for you. We report for work at 9am and stay on the field, with no significant amount of shade, essentially uninterrupted until about midnight. The lack of predicted temperatures well into the nineties is a considerable relief to me.
Oh yeah, absolutely. I wouldn't want to be in that heat in those conditions either, but the situation as it stands, with you in lower temperatures and it being hot where I am, sounds ideal!
Would it be too stupid to ask why you're going to Oxfordshire?
As he says, he's herding hippies. Goths have long been known to be the most effective hippy herders that can be employed ...
It wasn't one of those years which will go down in history, I'm afraid. The lineup was a little weak this year.