I am Destiny. So why does my arm hurt?

Or at least, I'm Destiny according to one of those tests that's doing the rounds. As if I need anyone else to tell me that I'm incredibly old and think I know it all . . .

And my arm hurts. It's not as bad as it was earlier, but it still aches slightly. I noticed it at work today. The inside of my elbow hurt first, then my thumb, then what felt like the bone on my forearm. By the time I got home, the muscle of my upper arm ached too. Eventually, I took my watch off, and it's been getting gradually better since then. Does this mean it was the watch that was responsible? Maybe, maybe not, but as it happens I need a new strap for it anyway. The old one broke at vyvyan's place on Saturday and I had it taped closed. It was always a bit tight; maybe not taking it off to fiddle with for two days at a stretch was too much.

In other news . . . I got mailed a (very) short story by an old friend from the States. It's very good (very good), but as she's trying to sell it I'm under orders not to give sight of it to anyone else until further notice. Rest assured I shall as soon as I'm allowed to. It is, after all, very good. In my humble opinion.

One of my flatmates has just rematerialised. I haven't seen her for about a week. Good to know she's still alive.

I can't stream Ballboy's Peel session because of the firewall. Maybe it's time to play with the firewall a little. Security is all very well, but music is important.
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God, I feel so bad - you came to my party and all these unfortunate things happened to you - you got ill, your watch strap broke, and now your arm hurts as a consequence. Clearly my room is full of bad vibes. I feel obscurely guilty.
I've had that strap since the watch was new. That's got to be about eight years now. It was due to happen. It's actually my own fault that it was too tight, as I lost the links that got taken out of it.
One of my flatmates has just rematerialised.
Hey, it's not like I'm going to break her, y'know ;)
Yeah, but last he saw of me was me disappearing off on the back of Mark's bike last Wednesday!

Mind you, I've posted to LJ since then, so I *must* be alive.