Jesus Fucking Christ (part 27)

Executive summary:

My Bloody Valentine may be back at it, and apparently there's some possibility of Pixies also.

We are clearly in the end times.

Update: There's a Kraftwerk album coming with several new tracks on it. Apart from Expo 2000, these will be the first new releases since about 1985. What's going on?
Sadly, if I'm not a debaser by now, I doubt I ever will be.

There aren't that many bands that I could get genuinely exccited over a reunion/reactivation of. A disturbingly high proportion of these seem to be at least considering it.
The Kraftwerk single is unbelievably crap. Expo 2003 rather than Tour de France 2003, but even the Expo 2000 single had one good track.

I'm waiting to hear the album via filesharing networks before parting with cash.
Lord alone knows. Maybe the last ten years have been a horrible nightmare.

On the other hand, there's being a New Order/JD documentary on Radio Two. So, yeah, it's the End Times.

Wonder if we could get Severed Heads to play Infest next year? And Cabaret Voltaire, Hula and Chakk.
Wonder if we could get Severed Heads to play Infest next year? And Cabaret Voltaire, Hula and Chakk.

One can Have A Word... you never know.
Am I to take from this flurry of posting that your cable modem is now up and working :) ?
Eighties are in again, because people my age have suddenly got old enough to have jobs and disposable income.

Also twenty years seems to be the human brain's cut-off point for 'old enough to be cool instead of tacky'.
I also hear that some band called 'Janes Addiction' are on the cover of Kerrang. I'm stocking up on the tinned food.
I wouldn't mind a Curve tour, that would be nice. Though from reading their web-site and despite their constant recording of material no tours are planned for the future...

As to re-union bands. The majority should have left it where they left off, not start again (with the exception of Bauhaus who really did put on a bistering gig in London a while back). Shame nothing more is happening
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