Weekend, B-Movie, Gig, and sundries.


Author Terry Pratchett has told the BBC he would only agree to a film of his bestselling Discworld books if the adaptation was written by Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman.

Goldman adapted The Princess Bride from his own novel, written for his two daughters.

Although it was not a massive hit when released in 1987, it went on to acquire massive cult status.

But Pratchett stressed that he remained overall against the idea of a Discworld film.

According to the replies to this previous post, the rather good band we saw opening for Mclusky were indeed Fixit-Kid. If they're playing near you, and you like the heavier post-punk bands, then you could do a lot worse. How they found my comments, I don't know. fixitkid { . . . at . . . } is apparently the address for gig information.

A good weekend. wendles came over for Friday and Saturday, which took in B-Movie in London and the Rome Burns/Rude Mechanicals/Skelliga gig on Saturday. B-Movie was quite hot, but great fun. I went with the aforementioned W and my sister Kate. zoo_music_girl's take, with pictures, is here. There were far too many people I knew there to have chats with all of them. This is a shame, but really just means that I'll have to come back down for at least a couple more. I think I disgraced myself by pogoing and singing "Piss in the microwave" to Tubthumping, but what the hell. You're only a crumbly immature unemployed nostalgiawhore once.

No, really, I mean it.

Hmmm. You don't look convinced.

Small-world syndrome strikes again. That shirt I'm wearing in the photo - I wear it a lot. I think it counts as my favourite. I got it at a Young Gods concert. I saw one being wormn by the singer of the support band, Papa Brittle, and immediately said "I want one." It turned out to be their own shirt - they had an album out called Polemic Beat Poetry, which is what they considered themselves producers of.

So, the singer? The guy who was wearing the shirt?

wendles used to work with him. Back about '88 or so.
</TONE> </WRISTS> etc.

Saturday was the concert, which was excellent.

This review is by Alix from Skelliga, and there are also a couple of brief notes by Nevla and Daevid of Rome Burns. I had a great time. I haven't seen RB in a while, and I liked the new stuff a lot. It was also nice to see that in spite of Nevla being vocally proud of his rangle of spiky and shiny guitars, one particularly shiny and spiky example of which (a Jackson, red, four-pointed body, droopy headstock) he wielded, Daevid had unobtrusively and without comment at least matched him, turning up with a silver SG. I look forward to further entertaining tales of the band's internal arms race. Simon was on fine form with the patter, and sang well in spite of being too quiet at the start (due to the lack of soundcheck).

The Rude Mechanicals were new to me and Christ, I haven't seen a band that weird since the Cardiacs. Standard four-piece guitar/bass/drums/singer, with the bassist also playing a keyboard. the singer looked a fair bit younger than the rest, and was more convincingly gender-indeterminate than any I've seen for a while. By the end I'd pretty much decided that we were dealing with a skinny young man in drag (rather than a skinny young woman acting the part of a young man in drag, which is what it turned out to be). They were very odd, and so were their songs. As often with clever-clever art-rock bands, they weren't as immediately involving as something a bit simpler . . . but in this case much more memorable.

Skelliga, as before, I liked a lot. They were very solid and a lot of fun. Alix was really blasting it out, so there were no problems with hearing the singer. Excellent, and recommended.

Afterwards I managed to drag a few people back to the house for an hour or two for a further drink.

And now I'm packing. When I'm not wasting time on LJ, mail, and the BBC website, of course. Apparently I chose the right time to leave - the Beeb are coming to the next Calling to take pictures. I'd only have spent the evening with a bag over my head, so it's as well I'll be away.

I am impressed, still, by the continuing excellence of the new Crimea single, "White Russian Galaxy". It's absolutely fantastic. If you happen to like wimpy indie bands, anyway (and I mean proper indie bands on proper indie labels rather than the indie-schmindie nonsense that makes it onto the Radio 1 playlist - it's the sort of record that yes, you might hear Mark and Lard play, but you'd know that it was one of their own choices and you'd hear them muttering darkly about their inverse Midas touch afterwards). Also, the second Clearlake album is still very good, and Simon's cleared up something I've been meaning to ask him - the Jimmy Eat World song I don't know the name of is called "Middle". This means I don't have to sing him the chorus, which I'm sure he's very grateful for. This leaves one song I'm trying to ID, and it's a difficult one because I think it's an instrumental, and the only notable thing is an immensely driving bassline. Ho hum.

Addendum: I got given a couple of things over the weekend by friends. Very generous friends. And I bumped into someone from work when I went out to get a paper just now. I'm going to miss a lot of people from around here. You all have to move somewhere sensible, OK?
Might well be. He's not mentioned such a thing around me before, though.
The Rude Mechanicals were new to me and Christ, I haven't seen a band that weird since the Cardiacs.

Neither had I IIRC. I think my review (once I get it sorted out with the photos) will also make reference to Twin Peaks.

the continuing excellence of the new Crimea single, "White Russian Galaxy".

...which has now got stuck in my head again since I heard it first on the radio a few weeks ago.
The Rude Mechanicals were new to me and Christ, I haven't seen a band that weird since the Cardiacs

I thought they were brilliant and bought the CD. A whole 3 squid. Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as taught, and well produced as they sounded on stage. Hmmm. Great night though, even if I did have to escape early.
You all have to move somewhere sensible, OK?

You mean like Edinburgh? :-)

Can't say I'd object. I haven't visited since the early 90s, because I almost just didn't bother to go home that time. "They have universities and hospitals here, I can get a job" was what went through my head at the time.