Martina Topley Bird (top name, too) is interviewed in the Grauniad today (see yesterday's Cale comment and others passim) on the occasion of her album coming out. She featured on Tricky's album Ponderosa, which I've managed never to hear. There's mention of her havving been a big fan of the Chili Peppers , Jane's Addiction and (touring Britain soon, music fans) Fishbone.

She is dressed down when I meet her in jeans and a T-Shirt celebrating the Swans, an obscure if influential hardcore art-punk group from the 80s.

I wouldn't say they were that obscure. Ut are obscure. Hugo Largo are a bit obscure. Not Swans.

Hmmm. Apparently before she took up recording, she was going to study Oceanography, and says she still might.

Go for it, is my advice. There's not enough oceanography in popular music, in my opinion.
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There's not enough oceanography in popular music, in my opinion.


Not that I'd put TM in "popular music"
Talking Heads have done a certain amount of work introducing watery themes to music, and the Pixies and the B-52s also indulge in undersea themes. Honourable mention to the Beatles.
Marine Research also contributed, but not in as high-profile a manner.
I'm sure there are plenty of others too (I have vague recollections of XTC singing about a jellyfish, and there's Attila's halibuts and pet flounders)... but I don't think we should go giving him ideas or his moods might get even more surreal... :)