Martin Rees

There's an interesting article linked off Slashdot by Martin Rees, the famed cosmologist. He stresses that this is a very exciting time for astronomy and cosmology, and also seems very interested in the idea that we might be simulated rather than living directly in reality (obviously [cough] there's no implication that this article was put up to coicide with any notable film releases). Worth a look for anyone who caught Grayling on the Today program yesterday, perhaps. It isn't a technical article, incidentally, so don't be intimidated by the prospect of reading it.
Some people say that there are many hurdles to be surmounted in going from simple life to complex life, and life on earth is lucky to surmount those hurdles but others suspect that life would somehow find its way to great complexity. Among my friends and colleagues there's a disparity of belief.

Interesting, and I think I have a couple of Paul Davies books. I drove past Jodrell Bank this afternoon as well.