A site pointed out by jinty says about me:

As Graham, you are spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and you enjoy the company of others--the more the merrier.

Cobblers. I'm one of the least spontaneous people I know, and while I like the company of my friends a great deal, I'm too quiet and introverted to be properly gregarious.

This is a good example of theBarnum Effect.

Yours ever, Graham Clark, Killjoy-about-town.

most of the Grahams I know are fairly introverted and quiet too. I can't remember ever having met a truly 'life & soul of the party', perpetually perky Graham. Wonder what it says about Karens.
Oh, I'm not claiming to be a bad person - some of the other nice things it says are true, IMO - but their opening headline take-home-message sentence is just laughable.
if you go a bit further into the site, it becomes apparent that they are, in fact, selling something - for a fee, and for telling them a few more details about yourself, they'll send you a full name profile.
Bunch of arse.
Always been curious: what does a bunch of arse look like, and how many buttocks does it have?
I like your Barnum effect link. V useful. Mind you, I thought they were sticking their necks out a bit far (and hence stretching the effect) when they go around suggesting specific health problems with certain names. Imagine if like Gattaca companies went round doing screening based on names -- 'oh no, sir, can't take you, you're bound to have a receding gumline when you're older, well it's your parents' fault, they shouldn't have named you Frederick'.
Well, I actually agree that his parents shouldn't have called him Frederick, so they'd have that bit right.

Some of them are cheap shots - It said I'll have back problems. Errr . . . I'm a man, aren't I? So it's pretty likely I'll have back problems at some point.

Mind you, they've definitely missed a trick or two. "As a man called Shirley, it is very likely that you will suffer ridicule at the hands of small children and drunkards." "Hamish, we consider it probable that you have ginger pubes." "Norman Beresford Tebbit, everbody hates you."