Lyric quiz - interim results

A couple of points should be noted here - firstly, I'm scoring equally for song and artist (1 point for each : purplerabbits and mr_tom to potentially note). Secondly, duranorak and sneerpout are clearly a gestalt entity - not only did they get the same score, they gave exactly the same answers to every question. Thirdly, reddragdiva has entered a special defence of illness.

The total numbers of points scored for each song are as follows : 9, 4, 9, 8, 19, 15, 9, 11, 14 ,8, 7, 3

Individual scores :

duranorak 12
sneerpout 12
wendles 12
gingiber 11
purplerabbits 10
ciphergoth 8
lhiss 8
venta 8
valkyriekaren 7
zoo_music_girl 6
ant_girl 4
jinty 4
vyvyan 4
enslore 2
fluffymormegil 2
mr_tom 2
mrph 2
reddragdiva 2
There are a couple more that look familiar but I don't think I'm going to get them. I just hope when I see the answers I'm not *too* ashamed. :)
One major one (the second), and a couple that you might or might not have recognised.
The second rings no bells at all.

"They too hunger for the beast below" sounds familiar and this one: "It's more the way your eyes are laughing as they glance across the great divide".

I'm going to be kicking myself then?
I think you'll probably notice the second when you hear it, even if you haven't so far. I wouldn't go as far as kicking yourself, though.
As far as I know you just do it again and it overwrites your previous answers. Otherwise, of course, you mail them to me and I include them.
Two more points for me, I think, thanks to a fortuitous choice of listening on the way to London. Maybe three if my wild guess for the last one is right.

I'm certain that I know "They too hunger for the beast below" but I can't place it. Resisting the temptation to Google is hard, but it might yet come to me in a flash before the contest closes...