Annoying lyric quiz

These are all songs that got played at Gigantor on Saturday. And no, we didn't keep and haven't posted a setlist. I'll tot up the scores and announce a winner in a day or two, once the trickle of responses has petered out.

Poll #134049 Gigantor lyric quiz

They too hunger for the beast below

There's no use trying to talk - no human sound can stand up to this. Loud enough to knock you down.

. . . and he's got the Black & Decker. He's going to cut you into pieces and feed you to my goldfish.

Boot licking, piss drinking, finger frigging, tit tweaking, Love biting, arse licking, shit stabbing, mother fucking, spunk loving, ball busting, cock sucking, fist fucking, lip smacking, thirst quenching, cool living, ever giving.

Fate, up against your will

You say you've got to go home 'cos he's sitting on his own again this evening. I know you're gonna let him bore your pants off again

It's more the way your eyes are laughing as they glance across the great divide

Seeing the flowers scream their joy

Pucker up, for heaven's sake - there's never been so much at stake

Swimming pools . . . movie stars . . . sheep . . . gerbils . . . gaffa tape. . .

Call down the airstrike with a poisoned kiss

I followed New Model Army round Europe on 38p a day. I travelled round in a motorised skip so I'd always have somewhere to stay

Hm, I can get one, I can _almost_ hear another one, which is therefore going to annoy me for ages, and there's one which I'm fairly sure isn't a song, it's a quote from Pete French. :-)