If you're ever trying to persuade me to do something over a weekend, and you're after making me an offer I can't refuse, then you should aim at including events of this sort of calibre:

1. Dropping in on a geographically-distanced ex-flatmate.

2. Visiting Macclesfield cemetery to see Ian Curtis' little memorial stone (flowers, incidentally. And a few notes. And a couple of photographs. And an eight-inch plastic Batman. No, really)

3. Chumbawamba. Then the Alabama 3. And two other bands.

4. Jodrell Bank. Preferably at a time when they're turning the big telescope around a lot, because a 250-foot radio telescope doing a complete and stately 180 is quite impressive.
Those strike me as 4 very fine reasons to jump on a train.

Did you see the Chummies then? Any good? Did they play Timebomb? Was there a riot?

Oh yes indeed.

I did see them, and they were very good - no Timebomb, though. And no riot either. A good club afterwards, however - Sin City, it's called.
Those strike me as 4 very fine reasons to jump on a train.

5. some cooking may have been involved as well
7. And an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.


Among my fine reasons . . .
4. Jodrell Bank.