Whitby went well. The Calling last night went well, but I couldn't sleep afterwards, so I'm absolutely shattered. And apparently I'm working this evening, possibly from 9 straight through until 2, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to be playing people . . .

This is going to be interesting. In other news, we announced on Monday that we're all done. Apparently there'll be a paper in next week's Nature. I don't know offhand if I'll get my name on this one.

Christ I'm tired.
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Where are you working tonight?

So, if you are all done, what does that mean in terms of your job. Do you still have one. Are there still more fish to be done?
Plenty more fish, plenty more mouse. Lots more stuff awaiting finishing.

Tonight . . . I agreed to play some records at people for my flatmate, but I haven't seen him recently to ask him about the details. I know where it is, but a few of the others are a bit sketchy.
Re: Fish
Oh well enjoy. Hope you manage tostay awake for it.

BTW, glad to hear from you again. :)