Food-Eating Battle Monkeys

is a
Pirate Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 9.9

To see if your Food-Eating Battle
defeat feiblepint, enter your name:

Mel's monkey slaughtered quite a few of mine before I found that one. I'm quite proud of her.
If only we could persuade the world's leaders to take out their frustrations this way . . .
You must have been trying for ages to find one with 9.9 :) I tried for a while to get one with 9.7....

(and managed to come up with three scoring 0.0 on the way)
And were they cheese-eating surrender monkeys?

It took a few minutes. What we really need to do is crack the site to find their algorithm, of course. Then we could build the perfect attack monkey, and the world wold be ours . . .
bugshaw is a Mushroom-Eating Sea Monkey with a Battle Rating of 1.6

Very feeble, but I kind of like it.
Typical. Gilligan, my Man-Eating Assassin Monkey (battle rating 9.7) is still second-banana, at best. I'm going to have to go abuse a bunch of graduate students to make myself feel better.
Ah. This is a cultural reference towards a TV series which has never been shown in the UK, isn't it?

Is it as bad as people generally imply?
I'm not sure. I haven't seen it since I was about ten years old, at which point I thought it was high cultural fare. It did waste a couple of actors who had done some pretty good work elsewhere (notably Jim Backus, who, in addition to loads of stage work, once featured in a film called (sit down for this) "Zotz!"). I don't think it was ever designed to be more than escapist drivel, and on that level it succeeds marvelously.
Brain-Eating Death Monkey

Battle Rating : 10.0

(I found him in someone else's journal)