Off work again.

The servers at work are still sulking. I can't really leave the house, desperate though my need for a needle file is, so I may have to resort to some tidying up instead. I've already finished the paper and there's not much of the current book left, but I have to be here in case I'm called with the news that it's all OK and I should come in.

Or maybe I'll just go back to sleep instead.

Decisions, decisions.

Update: I spoke, of course, too soon. The call has arrived, and I have to be there by . . . ooh, the crack of noon. Or so. Life is so hard sometimes.
As it happens, yes. Any particular reason? (Cue cries of "Well stick it up your arse then you smug bastard")
Where you store your music is entirely up to your good self
just as long as you retrieve it before May (tis a request for Gigantor)