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Okay, it's a cheap one and it's easy to see what was really happening, but . . .

Thanks to asrana for that one.

Also well worth looking at, although vastly less hunorous, are the last few (public?) entries by _dionysus_ (thanks), specifically :


although there are others of interest also if you find those informative.
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Penguin confusion
I had to click back through three levels of "got from so-and-so's journal" to find out what the point was: it's an animated GIF. I keep those suppressed 'cos they annoy the hell out of me on most pages that use them.

At some point I shall switch off my suppression and look again at the penguins -- though I can guess from the opening image what's going to happen.
Re: Penguin confusion
I don't use the things routinely. In fact, here at work I don't have graphics downloaded at all by default. I read the manifesto of the bandwidth conservation society at a vulnerable age (28) and it definitely had an Effect upon me.
Re: Penguin confusion
Use Galeon, animation is easy to switch on and off. What I really want is the ability to right-click on an image and switch on animation for it and it alone...