The geese are restless (plus lowgrade satire)

A whole gaggle have just flown past, leaving from the lake and wheeling to pass back overhead, honking merrily.

Meanwhile, today's Doonesbury can be found here and is worth a peek.

It is apparently 851 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End. How long's midsummer, again?

I spent the weekend in Reading, of all places, with araqnid et al (being Sue, Terence and Eleanor in this case). Saturday night involved a mondo overgrown shopping centre which grandiosely refers to itself as "The Oracle". There's a "social centre" buried within it that consists entirely of franchised outlets - Chili's, Pizza Hut, MacDonald's, the Slug and Lettuce and similar soulsucking emporia. If the company hadn't been good, I think I would have thrown myself into the river - the Kennet flows through it, giving it the only trace of individuality to be found. Still, I ventured into a Chili's and nobody tried to pick a fight with me, which made it vastly better than the last time I did. And somebody had heard of a friend's revolutionary granddad, which is nice.

Come the revolution I'm going to have the place bulldozed.

Hmm. Anyone know where I could borrow a 1210 (or rough equivalent) for the weekend?
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Anyone know where I could borrow a 1210

Turntable? I have a couple of flight-cased Soundlab direct drive turntables (and I'll be coming over to Cambridge this weekend). That's about as 'rough' as rough equivalent gets while still qualifying for 'equivalent', I think...
Yeah, sure. I'll be entering Cambridge sometime Friday evening, and staying at wildeabandon's place. I'll drag one of them along with me and we can sort out how it reaches you once it's reached Cambridge, if that sounds like enough of a plan?

I'm not entirely sure how well off the styluses are, I haven't used them for a couple of years and I've loaned them to a few people in the meantime. I'll probably drag both of those along just in case...
That sounds great. Cheers!

I'm sure I can pick up a fresh stylus if one's needed. It won't be a problem.
The Orafice (as we used to call it) has a quite good mexican/South American place called Santa Fe by the waterfront (well it was good about 3 years ago!) The best place for food is either Ben's Thai resteraunt, The Old Siam or the Iguana Bar

You were in Southampton? You should have let us know - we could have gone out for a swift one. Except that we were in Bath.


Yes! Yes! Bulldoze the Oracle centre! Whether the revolution happens or not!
Ah! You just brougth back memories of sailing a 72ft narrowboat past the Oracle on the Kennet and Avon... I remember it well, the old Victorian 3/4 story town-houses on one side of it are _gorgeous_ and back right onto the river. But I agree with you, the Oracle is extremely hideous, especially considering how lovely the rest of the views along that river are...

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