And today on cable . . .

. . . the band you would never expect to see having a video played is . . .


p.s. - found this pic also (quite big). Just think - except for the lack of 20 million dollars, it could have been mine!

My real-estate aspirations accept none as equal.
Shouldn't they be pushing up daisies by now?

*ducks, runs and hides*
Re: Ween?
But of course. They had quite big success with that song in australia when it came out. It made at least top 40 if not top 10. The video was a fairly common sight during that period. They also had at least one more video that I've seen but the song never really took off so it was relegated to late night 'rage tv' on ABC.
Re: Ween?
They're completely unheard of over here - except by the sort of degenerate who has records by the likes of Bongwater as well, of course.
Re: Ween?
Bongwater rock! I don't actually own the album but it's on the "must obtain" list. Weren't Bongwater pretty well known in the early 90s? (file under "they must have been, because I heard of them")
Re: Bongwater
He's left the Bad Seeds, presumably because he hasn't the time to do that and keep Neubauten going too - the latter are in the process of going all indie and running nearly all of their own affairs (and are currently recording), which must keep him fairly busy in itself.

A sad day, but on the other hand he's done a fine job being in two high-profile bands for so long.
Re: Bongwater

I'll never get to see him and Nick Cave duet live now... :(

I so should've gone to that gig two years ago...
Re: Bongwater
Guess so. Still, which demigod is he going to have to draft in to replace him? Howard Devoto on backing vocals? Will Oldham on kazoo? Beck on spoons and theremin? Diamanda Galas on tuba? Patti Smith on the washboard?
Re: Bongwater
Thank God for that, I had this really *horrible* feeling you were going to tell me he'd dropped dead. I felt quite ill actually.

It's a shame, but you're right, it's not really surprising. I must get round to joining and supporting them.
Re: Bongwater
No no no. That's just *so* last week.

These days, when someone says "Have you heard about . . ." it means they've been charged with possession of internet porn. Or they're having an affair with Amanda Holden, whoever she may be.
Re: Ween?
I've known very few people who listened to Bongwater, although lots more had heard of them. Maybe they were more popular in N. Am (Ann Magnusson was a TV presenter, wasn't she?) but they couldn't get arrested over here.
Re: Ween?
I was over here at the time. I guess I just knew lots of people who liked them.
Re: Ween?
Ah. A more plugged-in crowd, obviously - I knew about 2 or three other people who liked them, and I thought I was doing pretty well.
At 67,000t that's a gurt big beastie. And would this be for a new career in casinos or do you have designs on creating the ultimate in mobile discos?
Dat is a big ship. Lots of space for a badminton court I guess.

And whole decks for your spores. Just think you could save more than a hundred quids worth of them before the lack of space forces you to take 'em back.

BTW, have you heard any of that music that people say is composed by DNA, well duff. Why does it always sound like lift music? Surely it should be dynamic and striving or something :)
I think it's a general feature of mechanically-composed music. What sort of data stream you put in as a seed probably doesn't affect that feature too much.