This is true, this and this are true (go here for many more), and one of the cable stations just had old footage of Robert Wyatt's appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test, singing Shipbuilding.
Michael Kelly's Page of Misery
Outstanding! Best site I've been pointed at for ages. Now how do I get through the rest of the working day without inadvertently spending several hours reading it all?

Writhe & Shine are great but I can't seem to get to your first link at all :(

I am trying to stop myself from just sitting and reading all 170 strips.
It's fine from here. Maybe try from home?

Writhe and Shine. Yes. Too bloody accurate by half. Should be banned.
Writhe and Shine
Spot on with the cynical dj. Very amusing indeed. Now I must explore this site for a few days...