I got it I got it I got it

Howdy doody, popkids.

I have decided that the main motivation for making entries to one's LJ is so that one won't find that none of one's own entries are recent enough to be visible on one's own friends page. Personally, I've been getting more paranoid about it for most of today.

Sunday went pretty much as planned. Monday was work, which was good insofar as another project got almost finished. Unfortunately, the RD is blatantly wrong - far too wrong for it to be anything other than a sample mixup, and therefore Not My Fault - and getting it repeated will take a couple of weeks. So I probably won't be reaching the magical number eight this month. Another project, also with a digest problem, did get it sorted, but that only takes me to seven.

Ah well. I'll survive. Apparently there are 159 projects under my name in the databases, and only 21 are current, so about 140 have either been finished or cancelled. In almost five years. That's not very many. Even given that we didn't use to get through them nearly as fast as we do now.

Still, that's why Alan Tracey is Alan Tracey and I'm not, I suppose.

Last night I was meant to go for a drink with various people from work, to celebrate the fact that they got promoted. I didn't go, for several reasons. Firstly, I was a little insulted that none of them mentioned that they'd been promoted until Monday ("Hey, let's nobody tell Graham . . ."). Secondly, I've got an infection that's made my nose look like Rudolph's. Thirdly, I was tired and anyway Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia was on the TV. In case you haven't seen the film, I'd just like to reassure you that yes, they do find it in the end. The Hitcher was on as well, and is now on tape so I'll watch that again later. Anyway, in spite of the fact that it's normally a lot of fun going out with them, I spent the evening quietly sleeping, tinkering with sound drivers or serenely watching an ultraviolent Peckinpah western. I got a more recent version of the source, so all I have to do now is see if I can make it fly. I don't really know whether to be optimistic or not.

Today was spent at work working on three new projects, one of which (it became very obvious very quickly) was completely redundant and should have been cancelled. The other two don't look too challenging and will just take a little bit of time and (mainly other people's) elbow grease to polish off. I had a brief wrestle with current bete noire bA383M4, which is in an absolutely shocking state due to being inherently a complete pig. If any of you are interested, then sit me down at some point with a pint or two and a pad of paper and I'll explain to you why three copies of a highly conserved 12kb repeat block is unpleasant news for whoever has to work on it.

I knocked off a bit early (having gone in a bit early also) to pop into town to pick up a copy of the ShelleyDevoto album "Buzzkunst" from Parrot. Mr Parrot confessed while I was writing a cheque that he couldn't pronounce it that way without it coming out the obvious. Reordering is obviously going to be an entertaining experience for him. 'Tis good, incidentally. God's Particle's on at the moment. Almost discoable, if it wasn't for the odd pauses and silly noises.

And them I helped a certain Raven move some of his stuff. I haven't seen him much lately - hopefully that'll change. I've not got a set at the next Calling, so maybe I'll get righteously shitfaced and talk nonsense at people all night. It's a hobby.
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So is it as good as expected?

I'm not sure if the title is very clever or slightly immature or both.
Re: Buzzkunst

So is it as good as expected?

It's good. I've only listened to it twice. but several of the songs have jumped out at me. God's Particle, particularly, I like.

I'm not sure if the title is very clever or slightly immature or both.

As opposed to Buzzcocks, you mean? Personally, I'd go with "both".

Re: Buzzkunst
'Buzzcocks' doesn't have the same word play though does it? I assume you know 'Kunst' is German for 'art', is 'cocks' something in another language?
Re: Buzzkunst
Well, they have denied that it's a reference to any sort of sex toy, so I suppose it must mean something else . . .