Well, it's Sunday afternoon and all is quiet. I went out drinking on Friday, as usual, and played rather more pool than I generally do. This was because I caught a taxi in to town with my flatmates, and so valkyriekaren and myself got to the pub before everyone except the Bishop of Bath and Wells, who was busily practicing on the cramped table. We joined him until other people arrived, and I got slaughtered by all and sundry (partly due to being out of practice, partly to do with not being that good in the first place and partly to do with having had a little too much to drink.

After which, I toddled back to evileriks and we watched Fight Club. I was, to be honest, a little disappointed with this. It wasn't the film I'd hoped it would be. the Main Plot Twist seemed to be unrelated to the Main Theme, which always makes things seem a little gratuitous. I watched Videodrome last night, and it'll do as as counterexample - the various odd developments do seem to be related, and when new factors are introduced, they do seem to explain or be explained by what we already know. There's an economy that FC didn't really seem to have. Instead, it had both the plot twist and the original bit about the fighting, which seem entirely unrelated. Meatloaf was good, though.. He should definitely act more. He's good at it.

Saturday was spent doing nothing especially useful until the note from the Landlady arrived, saying that she was coming to have a look at the front room. Cue frenzied cleanup. The visit itself was today, at about noon, and was fine. She was really nice, and wanted to discuss where I'd find handy for new electrical sockets, and lighting and what is going to happen to external wiring for telephones and cable TV/modem. All very pleasant. And she and her husband were both really nice people as well, AFAICT. I'm sure they knew that I've got flatmates, but they were tactful enough not to comment on their complete absence, so when in two weeks' time I'm arrested for having half-eaten them and hidden the remains under the floorboards, they'll be able to honestly claim complete ignorance. So that's alright, then.

And now that I'm finished with that, I'm going to read the paper, have a shower, listen to some more records and scour the web for Maggie Thatcher snuff mpegs.


I was listening to my Johnny Cash album earlier. I only have one - Solitary Man, the most recent of the American Recordings albums - and it's extremely good. I must pick up the others. In particular, the version of One is quite startling (I never noticed the anger when I listened to the original - and yes, I do own a copy) and I See A Darkness quite often makes me cry, so I have to get the original version of that too. I should put it on a tape with Lonely Days and I'd have 1997 summed up perfectly.

There's an interview with Helena Christensen in the Observer today. A big fan of Joy Division and the Smiths, apparently. She thinks that there Is A Light That Never Goes Out is the best song ever written. And she just might be right.

Still no sign of the flatmates. Maybe I'll tell them that Sharon the Landlady was a right ogre and we're being evicted.
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Curious, I thought fight club was good for a film relesed on that bigger scale, i thought it was trash before I was presented with it on a flight and was presently suprised. Have you seen Mulholland drive yet?

There are three basic plot elements to Fight Club, and I'm just going to trot them all out without consideration for the feeling of anyone readin this who hasn't seen it - it isn't that good a film, after all.

Firstly, the fighting. An interesting point, handled . . . OK, I guess. Secondly, the expansion of this into a clandestine army of paramilitary situationists. Alright in principle, although a bit pointless. Then there's the bit about Pitt being a figment of Norton's diseased psyche. Where the hell does that come from? Where does it fit in? What does it relate to? Are these people aware of the phrase "Deus ex machina" and why you should try to avoid having it used about your screenplay?

Essentially you've got two unrelated stories in there, neither of them really resolved because they've been shoehorned into the same film.
Think I've found one of them...
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Consider valkyriekaren located ;)
Re: evil he may be
A good point. Maybe all Eriks are evil? I wonder where this leaves Erics. Maybe they just have diminished responsibility.