The Calling - mea culpa.

Last night the other set was courtesy of razornet. It was meant to be myself, him and someone else. There was a little confusion (entirely within my own head, embarrassingly) about which someone it was, and I hadn't done a last-minute-confirm, so i ended up doing a rather longer set (nearly an extra hour, in fact). All my own fault, though,and my speculations that it was olithered who hadn't turned up were entirely wrong - he's never been down for a set, although now the idea's been had it might happen.

Rumours that it was all a transparent ploy to get myself some more deck time are strongly deprecated. It was quite nice, though. I haven't tried pacing things like that at the Calling before.
Was a fine set of music from you both.

With that ego-brushing over, I'd like to apply for another set myself :)
i thought it worked rather well with two djs alternating, they did a similar at intrusion (although maybe there were three, i'm not sure).
It was very very good, whatever happened! :)

I'm vaguely aware i'm supposed to be doing a DJ set at the calling (with doseybat) in two weeks time - can you confirm this before any more confusion occurs?