All I want for christmas . . .

At the moment, I am looking for:

1. A cuddly minotaur.

2. A poster of Vincent Price.

3. Absolute Power.

Plans for number 3 are proceeding nicely, but I'm a bit stumped on the first two. Does anyone know of a source for these things?
I've tried Hamley's. For some reason Greek Mythology doesn't seem very big in cuddly toys at the moment. I do have to go back and ask the staff sometime when they're quiet, though.

Ebay. Yes, I'll have another look. I didn't have any joy before, though. Too many are either in the States or don't feature Vincent prominently enough. There's a lot at stake.

Unk. This is now becoming MY obsession. What? I should really be getting on with the filing?

Yes, I should...

The internet is merely telling me that I should never be surprised at the amount of AD&D players out there. Unkx2.
Also: the movie shop on Brewer St. Hold on, aren't you based in Cambridge?! What's going on? Is it hometime yet?
THere's that random memorabilia shop on Burleigh Street that might ahve a Vincent Price poster?
There's a shop in Great Russell St (between British Museum and TCR) that sells movie star photographs, but I'm not sure about actual posters.
In fact, I'll probably be near it at the weekend. If you tell me more about what you're looking for I can pop in.
The phrase was "a poster of Vincent Price".

In fact, the phrase was "I'd give my right arm for a poster of Vincent Price", and I intend to collect.
I don't see why not. What proportion of his arm and head would you like to own?
Nothing, I'm afraid.

We have a room in the lab that's full of freezers, which I think make a very nice bijou labyrinth - so a cuddly little minotaur lurking at the back would top it off beautifully.
Indeed so, although my memory is of him increasing his offer with hardly any pressure from me.
I've tried there - they don't have any and never do. I did get a nice Tshirt there, though, that says "Stab me, I'm a tourist" in large friendly letters.
Hope this helps.

I love Vincent Price. Oh, yes.

As for a cuddly minotaur, ho willing are you to to commission something from an artist on this side of the pond? A local woman does great solft sculpture work, including mythological beasts. I purchased a gryphon from her, myself. I'd hunt up her contact info for you, but if you are not too interested in that option--it is time consuming and potentially pricey--then I shall save myself that trouble.
Re: Hope this helps.
It's a great picture. But then, if your subject matter's that good, then it's less surprising. If it were for me, that'd do fine, but a poster was specified and I can't give him any excuse to back out.

I may get back to you about the minotaur (thanks a lot for mentioning it) but feanelwa is pretty local, so I'll chat to her about it forst . . .

Cuddly minotaur - do you have a picture i can copy? I can make whatever you want out of fabric but i need a picture of what you want it to look like first (i.e. scary or fuzzy, short and squat or tall and thin).
Oooh. Groovy. No, I don't currently have a picture, but I'm sure I can get something.

1. A cuddly minotaur.

I do not believe such a thing exists and I'm prepared to bet pints on it.

2. A poster of Vincent Price.

As already mentioned, ebay.
Side note - I noticed while doing that 'famous people with the same birthday as you' meme recently that Vincent Price died on my birthday.

3. Absolute Power.
Plans for number 3 are proceeding nicely,

Either this has something to do with maths or I dread to think.
I do not believe such a thing exists

Whether or not it does now, it will. I'll make sure of it. And I'm not betting with you - I owe you enough fivers already.

Either this has something to do with maths or I dread to think.

Dread away, before it's too late.