Last night

. . . I had the opening hour or so at WUS (note to non-bogtrotters : a rock night, run by the Cambridge Rocksoc). The songs I inflicted on the assembled oligotude were :

1 The MC5 - Kick out the jams

2 Iggy and the Stooges - Search and destroy

3 Swans - Power for power

4 The Birthday Party - Release the bats

5 Laibach - Geburt einer nation

6 Butthole Surfers - Sweat Loaf

7 1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut

8 Queen Adreena - Pretty like drugs

9 Shellac - Prayer to God

10 At the Drive-in - Invalid litter department

11 NoMeansNo - Everyday I start to ooze

12 Idlewild - World in your arms

13 Hole - Jennifer's Body

14 Half Man, Half Biscuit - Vatican Broadside

15 The Ruts - Staring at the rude boys

16 The Hives - Hate to say I told you so

17 Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

18 New Model Army - 225

19 Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Rent
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Er, does any of that count as rock music? Up here, "rock night" is code for "hair metal night". Which of those tracks invites a circle of spotty oiks, each with one foot on a stool in the middle, doing air guitar while throwing their hair back and forth?
I'm not saying that there isn't a lot of metal of various stripes (but thankfully not Strypes) played, but it's a lot less dogmatic than the rock nights I was previously familiar with.

Have I mentioned that Kerrr-Plunk magazine gives reviews (and sometimes very positive ones) to non-metal records now? It seems to have been doing so for some years.
thankfully not Strypes

Were they that Christian rock/metal band, with the bumblebee outfits?

That was just wrong on so many levels  :)
Stryper, yes.

I'm after a copy of their album To Hell with the Devil for the wall. The cover graphic is quite priceless. One version has a picture of the band, portrayed as angels (nude, but with their modesty tastefully preserved by wisps of cloud), casting Lucifer out of heaven. As he falls through the skies, you can see that . . . they have broken his guitar!
That sounds sooo Richard Corben...!

I must see that, promise me you'll show me when you find it! ;-)
There's a version here. I can't find a bigger one, I'm afraid, so you'll just have to fill in the details from your imagination.

Apparently this was the original "abyss" cover which was deemed too ridiccontroversial and replaced with a more generic cover.
Oooh! Although not as pretty as I'd thought... Guess I've been overdosed on Corben since an early age then... ;-)
That's almost a fair description of some of the sets at WUS. There are also some very odd things in other sets there. I think it would be fair to say that WUS has the broadest definition of 'rock' of any event I've ever been to.

The 'rock night' that I go to in Dunstable on the other hand, is actually a heavy metal night, and anyone wanting to hear a bit of Queen or Sabbath would be sorely disappointed (most weeks anyway). It tends towards Pantera, System of a Down, Disturbed, and other fairly noisy efforts.

The Dunstable event also have the cheek to have 'goth' on the list of music styles played there. When I prodded the guy who runs it (friend of mine) about this, he said "Well we might play Sisters of Mercy... Temple of Love". In perfect sync with me saying the same thing. He had the grace to look embarrassed  :)
I wish that's what rock night meant anywhere else. most places I've been it means alt-rock and nu-metal, perhaps with a guns n roses song if you're lucky and/or pester the DJ.
I'm sorry, but "hearing guns and roses" and "lucky" are not expressions that should ever be in the same sentence.
I was lucky enough to receive major head injuries and become completely deaf before hearing guns and roses.
Re: *sniggers*
Actually I do have 'Appetite for Destruction' kicking about on a tape somewhere, unlistened to since about 1988, but it was still very amusing. And I do not want to hear Guns and Roses at a club.

I liked your playlist btw.
Re: *sniggers*
Thank you. People were very complimentary about it afterwards. They didn't seem so convinced that they would dance much . . . but it was very early, I suppose.
RockSoc generally defines rock music as anything with guitars... the official remit of WUS is to play music which is not heard elsewhere in Cambridge, and of interest to its members (or somthing like that), hence the DJs are all members.
I've played sets of Rock and Roll before now, it (generally) went down well. My 1/2 hour of Power Electronics and Industrial didn't go down so well though...
WUS did used to be very much thrash and a bit of NWOBHM, then started getting a bit of Nu-metal, but the current WUS officer is a fan of Slayer, Mayhem, Sonic Youth, King Crimson, Silverchair and much much more, and has tried to get a more mixed night.

And what's wrong with (good) hair metal? ;-P
Well, fancy you dj'ing at Wake Up Screaming eh? Very good playlist (especially At the Drive In), where any nu-metallers familiar with the tracks?
Some of them, and they seemed interested. A couple of people wanted to know what "the song after the Stooges" was, so they recognised S&D as well as liking the sound of Swans. The Laibach got a few people up, and a couple of people said they liked the version of Supernaut, so . . . a mixed result on knowing, but they seemed very interested in hearing new stuff. They're a good bunch, but then I could have told you that already.