Festive Fifty.

I've just been looking at Peel's Festive Fifty for last year. Another good one for Ballboy - All The Records On The Radio Are Shite at joint ninth, and Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go (When They Do Not Come To Me) at 24 - there are some more tour dates, as well - see their website for details. A couple of Low tracks (hmm.Should probably get more Low). The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song (by Jeffrey Lewis) features as well. I remember thinking when i read a review of that album that it sounded like it should be quite interesting. Another one to chase after, I guess.
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You do realize Low are playing in London and Brighton this week, yes?
I can't make it. I'm just too busy this week. I've never managed to catch up with them. It's tragic.

I've seen them twice, once opening for Swans (nice, good contrast) and once opening for Nick Cave (awful, audience noise drowned them out, so went to the bar). This time they're playing in a church in Brighton, which ought to be nice. Aside from no bar and no smoking.
The Jeffrey Lewis album is definitely good -- see him live if you can some time, as he shows these cool little 'videos' that are his comics held up and turned over page by page to illustrate the song.

Can send you an MP3 of the Chelsea Hotel Song if you want... let me know.
Sounds good. I might take you up on the mp3 offer if I don't get my arse together enough to pick up a copy soon. I'll let you know.