One True Lie, revealed.

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Answers given are here.

In summary, one person voted for the wig, 8 for pink, 10 for religion, 11 for the rabbit and 13 for iron tops and tanking in my underpants. The rabbits started well, but there was a late run on my underpants. Must have been all that curry.

The correct answer was, of course, number 3. The inaccuracy was, of course, in the date - I had a religious experience while watching a Channel 4 documentary on Gnosticism in late 1988. AJ knows this because he was there. Most (but not all) the people that I thought would know that got it right. I suspect the other one of going for an amusingly wrong answer on purpose.

Thanks to everyone for joining in.
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Oh, I remember you saying that now you mention it. Well done that man - I think the Gnostics had a clue, as does simont
No, but you can be smug about it if you like. With y full endorsement.