Stanley Milgram Strikes Back.

I ended up walking to the nearby Kwik-Fit to meet Suze and Steve - they had a flat tyre, so i directed them to the nearest tyre place to me (which was also the nearest to them, happily) and then we went into town. After hot chocolate, a visit to Games & Puzzles and a sweep through the Borders CD sale (especially damaging after yesterday's visit to Parrot's closing-down sale - that makes 15 new CDs in two days, although they were all vastly reduced) we decided to have a swift bite before they went back Londonwards. As we walked through Market Square, I spotted Mike from work going past, with his pink hair, on his bicycle. I waved and said "Hi Mike." Steve turned round, waved and said "Hi Mike." Mike adopted a shocked expression and said "Steve. What are you doing here?" Suze smiled sweetly and said "Hello Mike. We haven't seen you in a while."

Apparently Steve and Mike were students together several years ago, and have been keeping (obviously too) loosely in touch. So we all went to some place that sells lots of chicken (and fortunately also vegeburgers) for a late lunch.

It's a mini-adventure. The end.
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Parrot are closing down?? Noooo!!!!!

I was hoping to sell CDs from there... :-(

Re: Eek!!!
'Fraid so. All gone. Borders, supermarkets selling CDs as loss leaders, and online shops are taking out a lot of small record shops.
Re: Eek!!!
Assuming he's Mr Parrott, he doesn't know. He said he's going to spend a few days tying up the loose ends and then he'll look for something. There's apparently been some proposal to keep selling records in some form, but he said he can't really see it.

A sad day. He's had a fair amount of cash off me, and I've had some very good records off him.