Why I Missed Gigantor.

Paul had a nice time, it seems. I wasn't there. I had been going to roll up the A1 to spynn sum 'appnin choonzz at the assembled punters, but on my way home from work on Friday something odd happened to the car on a roundabout near Addenbrooke's, and it wasn't rolling right after that. It wasn't stopping instantly, but it wasn't freewheeling quite like it should either. I took it easy back home, and didn't notice the stream of smoke coming out of the wheel arch until I got out. So there went my weekend. Apart from going to the pub down here, of course. Technically speaking, the front nearside brake piston's jammed, because a lot of filth got in round the rubber skirt, which either wasn't fitted properly or had slipped off regardless. I'm not too happy about this, because even getting it to a garage is going to be a bit of a task. And it's normally so reliable too (speedo cables notwithstanding).

In other news, a friend got chased by dogs in a local park last night, and got away by levitating (he says he vaulted a fence, but he also says it was seven feet tall, and that sounds more like levitation to me). The snowdrops are out in prfousion in the garden, which usually means that it's nearly spring. And, given that it's going to be March in two weeks, I suppose that's true. What happened to winter? We had decent winters when I were a lad, you know. None of these gently cool spells you soft southern nonces have. Don't know you're born . . .
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Rubber skirt?
"a lot of filth got in round the rubber skirt, which either wasn't fitted properly or had slipped off regardless".... I find that rubber skirts don't tend to slip off that easily!
Re: Rubber skirt?
Well, this one did, and when I looked there was a whole load of muck underneath. I had to wash it all out with WD40 to get any function at all back into it.

Shocking, it was.
ahh poo, well maybe i should stuff feeling pooey aboutmissing it too :(, don't know if i'll get to any this year *goes off to wail in the corner*
Hello Graham-let! I'm thrilled to find you here -- if you're writing a LiveJournal I know it'll be fascinating :). I'm attempting a stumbling effort at one myself, but it's mainly more of an Impromptu Guide to Trees I Enjoy. But there you go.

I hope to see you tonight :)
Sara W.