Still walking.

I haven't touched this for a bit, but I haven't forgotted totally. Link of the Month is this one, for an exhibition I went to with a couple of friends on Wednesday. Needless to say, while we were actually at it they announced that it's coming to London soon, so we could just have waited a few weeks and saved ourselves a lot of trouble, had we only known. And a strange argument I was party to made lead item on NTK this week, which is strangely gratifying. Apart from that . . . well, the front wall of my room's getting demolished, so I'm going to be moving out for a few weeks soon, which is obviously going to be no hassle whatsoever, and I've got inoperable cancer. No, no I haven't, I'm just trying to see if anyone actually reads this crap. Actually, the mail from the Institute of Plastination made a big deal of a survey they had done indicating that people who go to their exhibition take better care of themselves afterwards. They seem to think that people might somehow object to their activities unless they're socially useful. I wonder where they get that idea from?

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We do.

Why is the front wall of your room being demolished, may I ask?

We're getting an extension. Or, to be more precise, I'm getting an extension. The ground floor's getting an extra six foot of front garden incorporated. This, of course, might be very nice for me, depending on whether I can afford any rent increase thet gets imposed (I can hardly ask Karen and Patrick to fund me getting a bigger bedroom, now can I?). The agency didn't know a great deal about it - they gave us next to no notice, because they got next to no notice from the owner, and told us it was two feet when it's actually six. And they didn't know when or for how long the room would be unusable, which is obviously fairly crucial information as far as I'm concerned.
You find the NTK thing gratifying? It's alright for you. I on the other hand am going into hiding. ;o)