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According to their website, the BBC are going to remake, and finish this time, the Douglas Adams Dr Who Story Shada. It will feature Paul McGann as the Doctor.

Also, apparently, ISIHAC is back on Monday, at the usual time.
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Interestingly, the Doctor Who fanatics I know say that apparently Adams was never very happy with the original script and thought it was dire - and thathe re-used most of the good ideas in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I'll still be watching though :)

(Yes, it's Vicky, I changed my acocunt name :)
I've seen what they shot of it. It was released on tape some years ago with Tom Baker narrating the missing bits. I liked it a lot, although maybe that was just seeing Tom Baker as the Doctor again.

I haven't actually read the Dirk Gently stuff, but I was told at the time which ideas from Shada turned up in them. Some very good ones.

I've not known anyone change their journal name. An obscure first, but a first regardless.
Dave at the next desk's just put on Half Man Half Biscuit's Lark Descending.
I think it's quite a recent thing - a friend of mine pointed it out to me (possibly since he knows I wasn't very happy with chiarklark). Also one does have to pay to do it :)
There was an announcement about it on News a month or two back. I got the impression it was something that had been broken or disallowed for some time until then. I know someone who was looking into it, but it didn't happen.
Remaking 'Shada'? Interesting idea. You're right in saying that what they shot was pretty good, but indeed Douglas Adams was unhappy with the script; after he used most of the decent bits of plot for 'Dirk Gentley's', he understandably refused to let 'Shada' be novelised - hence it remains one of the very few of the original series not to be novelised ('City of Death' was one of the others, also Adams, and I think 'Resurrection of the Daleks' (the Colin Baker one), though it has been some time since I read any of them so don't take my word for it).

I lost interest in the books some time in the middle of the 'New Adventures' run, and although some of the 'Missing Adventures' were fairly diverting, the principle kinda annoyed me. Milking the cash cow and all that... I've still got all the Target novelisations at home in Yorkshire though :-) I'm not entirely sure Paul McGann is going to be able to live up Tom Baker, even though I thought he was pretty good a few years back.

Still, it'll just be great to have some 'Doctor Who' back on TV again

As for Doctor Who, it is about time we had a decent update of this. And more Daleks, we need more Daleks. Davros was the original Cyber-Goth! *goes on to his usual Davros/CyberGoth rant*
If you've got a PC that can cope with RealPlayer (and you can be arsed downloading it), Radio 4's website usually has an the last show to listen to, even if you did miss it. Which I usually do.
"Davros was the original Cyber-Goth!"

My God, you're right. Please, pointer to said usual rant.
The sober rant.
Well look at it this way how does he appear? He has LED's attached to his head, along with a sprinkle of colourful wires, His bottom half is just one large Transmuter (might have spelt that wrong) boot and he wears shiny Black Rubber. OK, his face isn't much to look at but maybe he's just not wearing his "face" and of course if you saw him under strobe lighting and surrounded by dry ice he'd look quite the catch. Then he speaks using a heavily distorted voice-box. totally pretentious and yes I want one. Finally there is that whole sat in a motorised chair, "I'm a evil genius" thing, going on isn't there? Totally trying to be Stephen Hawking and of course that's pretentious too!

It's a much better rant when I'm not sober. You should have asked me on Saturday.

Still, it gives you some idea.
Re: The sober rant.
his face isn't much to look at
As far as I can see, neither is any Cybergoth's face, so he's pretty safe there. *grins*

Assuming you read this by the way?
oo! when it eventually shows, I suspect I shall be sitting religiously in front of the telly.

From what I can gather, this is an audio production, not a television production. The first broadcast is likely to be a webcast (ack), which is incidentally why I described it as 'an audio production'. Bah.

I have a feeling that DNA, the acknowledged master of idea recycling, would be impressed by the longevity of Shada, given that the original half-finished story had a mid-nineties video release, was used in part as stock footage during the otherwise cringeworthy Five Doctors story and had its plot recycled as Dirk Gently's etc.

(and to think - I don't regard myself as a Doctor Who fan)