Time flies by . . .

And in other news, two Half Man Half Biscuit concerts have been announced for December. Unfortunately one is in Manchester and the other's in Sheffield. I have a difficult decision to make. I've also downloaded their version of Song to the Siren.
In principle yes, but the computer I'm presently using doesn't appear to have any speakers... so it will have to wait.
It's probably about three hours less convenient than it might be. Sheffield's probably only a little closer. As far as I'm aware they have done and plan no other concerts this year.
someone's just bought me a ticket for the manc gig :)

also i now have some speakers if you can tell me where to go for that Song to the Siren cover

Excellent news. I'll probably be doing Sheffield, as an alternative to trying to get past Brum in the rush hour.

If you google on "half man half biscuit", the site in question should be the first hit. As of a couple of days back, both recent Radio 1 sessions were up there.
on a friday the 13th as well. errr, i've just realised this means (if i've got my dates right) that i'll miss the next B-movie. still i've never seen HMHB before, so the gig takes priority. should i happen to be in manc on the 20th and not too busy, might consider going to the sheffield one.

song: took a while on the modem, but.... Class :) i think i must have only caught the end of it when it was on the radio
at sheffield? yuz, seeing as flook has already got tickets for it and i can't forsee me being sent anywhere exotic over the next few weeks.