Until Wednesday.

My nose is calming down. I haven't sneezed once since I got to work today, which is in major contrast to yesterday's somewhat percussive performance. I didn't really get enough sleep last night. As it's heading into winter gradually, the heating's on now, so the air gets quite dry at some points. And when I've a cold, I get a bit dry too and wake up with a blocked nose (probably a few minutes after starting to wake the rest of the street). And, of course, as it was the calling last night, I wasn't in bed until half-past two anyway. The Calling went well, as the nearest to halloween generally does. Attendance was up by around 30-40 on average, which means that it was about what we got regularly at the Q. It made a nice difference. Being halloween, various people made a special effort and there was a good atmosphere. I was on first ( er . . . Song of Songs, Tomb Mau Mau, a new Rome Burns demo, Power for Power and 19 others) followed by Rob Lee from Heresy (seemed like a very nice man, and obviously at one with the Tao of Bleep), and then Sarah the Pilot finishing up. Much fun. frederick and tamsin turned up, and while I was chatting to them, valkyriekaren came over and greeted tamsin with a friendly "I thought I knew you . . ."

It seems Karen's been working for the last week in the same office as her, but they haven't coincided enough (or at all recently) for them to be sure they'd met. People, eh? What can you do with them?

This brought up Queen Adreena again, as they're going to see them in Colchester. I was thinking about Chelmsford, as I like the Army & Navy, but Colchester's certainly an option. Or both.

In work terms, it's the end of the month and I'm still going to be one short of my eight unless I get a marginal-looking one sorted by tomorrow. This doesn't look entirely impossible. I'm gently optimistic, which is a lot more than I could say on Monday morning when it all looked a bit daunting.

This weekend is filling fast in spite of not Whitbying. All the other people who aren't going want to arrange stuff . . . could be busy.
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> Rob Lee from Heresy ([...] obviously at one with the Tao of Bleep)

Ah, he'd be the one I particularly enjoyed then... thanks Rob.

I had a good time in general actually, which I think is pretty good for a non-goth at a goth night. I blame it all on the bad company I keep... *hugs to bad company*