Twenty years.

I should say something about it having flown by, and in some ways I suppose it has but it also seems like several lifetimes ago.

Last time I tried to get round to saying anything here, I was going to talk about having seen Kate Jackson in Glasgow with Mark and Lauren. She was very good. A bit more relaxed than when she was with the Long Blondes, I thought. Hopefully it won't be another six-or-so years before she's back.

The support band were Kaspar Hauser, from Glasgow, who I really really liked too. They started off with the guitarist saying Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Alison Moyet, which made no sense in or out of context. There was also something that sounded like "Nowt by Northwest", which I think is still available as a name to anyone who wishes to start an avant-garde music festival in Preston.

You're welcome.

They were not what I would call appallingly hipsterish, except in that they were selling demo tapes. Tapes. Cassettes. Really. It's the 21st century, so obviously they came with a download code, but still.
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Friend here has ordered a box set or somesuch which has the new Public Service Broadcasting LPs... and hopefully a download code cos they listen to most things via their ipod thingy really.

However, tomorrow evening we are going to play some vinyl LPs... we dug them out tonight... Rainbow Rising and Rainbow On Stage (Live) double LP ofc :) Tonight we found ourselves watching some Marillion vids via UTube - some Hogarth doing Garden Party and Script... no less!!! sort of a nostalgia trip..... to performances we've never actually heard or seen before.