The say-something-even-when-you've-nothing-to-say policy is working quite well.

But I imagine you'll all get bored with it quite soon.

Apparently the Europe campaign has started already. Twice today people tried to give me a leaflet telling me why Scotland's better in the EU. So the rest of you aren't, apparently. You heard it here first1.

I didn't take their leaflet. Firstly because I doubt I'll find anything in a leaflet that I don't already know, and secondly because I'm sure they'll be coming through my letterbox soon enough.

Are you all familiar with Freegle? If not, it's another of these net things that's got a name with the same ending as another net thing so you know it's a net thing. Like happens with real stuff as well, like when Henry Ford was a big success with his cars so now all the car companies are called Tord and Lord and Bored and Snored and the like. Anyway, this is a mailing list, or rather a set of local mailing lists, where people give away stuff they don't want but which is actually still perfectly usable so they don't want to throw it away, and other people ask for things they could do with and definitely don't ever then just sell them. It's like eBay for cheapskates. I fit right in.

Anyway, someone's asking for books. Old books. Hardbacks. But just as decoration. I don't know if they're going to stick them on shelves or actually eviscerate them and make the spines into wallpaper2. I know they're probably not books people are going to eagerly be seeking out to read, but it still rubs me up the wrong way. As I've said before, bookburning is morally repugnant. We would never indulge in anything so terrible.

It's like the old records people ask for to "turn into art" (they're art already you little squit) or glue to walls. I've certainly seen some actually very good old records (if you like Acker Bilk, which personally I do) stuck to people's walls, and they looked in good condition too. Maybe I could find out what they care about and trash some . . . I don't know, vintage clothes, or dolphins, or something.

1:Not that I'm saying they're wrong, taken literally. It's the assumption that saying "Scotland" is going to work on me and "Britain" wouldn't, because of course we're all that small-minded.

2:Inevitably I've just started making up a mental list of people we could productively do that with. I can't help it. I wasn't even going to use the word "spine" and then it suddenly just slipped out by itself.
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Is it a sin in your philosophy to burn vanity books (ghost-)written by people like Donald Trump?
Yes. Yes, it is. Book-burning is morally repugnant, so you should do this instead:

I'm sure they'll be coming through my letterbox soon enough.

Wow, people coming through your letterbox to give you leaflets is a pretty aggressive policy.

I got a leaflet a few weeks back (ahead of the curve, see) which was presented as if it were a nice, balanced, non-party-political affair that was just giving me the facts. More like a PSA, in fact. THen it got more and more vehemently anti-UKIP as it went on. Anti-UKIP isn't a dreadful thing to be, but I was quite confused about who'd produced it.

I imagine you'll all get bored

You are well up the list of people whose writings are always worth reading.
could that Freegle be a place to find a new home for a large leather bookmark collection?

I really don't know what to do with it. I don't even know how many we collected as a family over about 30 years (A4 sized box). I always imagined a sort of Roman Centurians tunic could be made if they were somehow glued together perhaps onto fabric backing; all the redish bookmarks. Wallpaper might not actually be such a bad idea! Bit dark though.