Not much to say

I could have gone to Glasgow on Monday to see Snuff, but because I was tired I stayed in and polished my boots.

Today, Blackjacks are breathing down our necks.

I may go to see a film tomorrow

When I say I don't really have much to say, I'm not joking.
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Although Ed's here, and we may go the the Poob.
We got some really nice pictures of the Tu-95s that were escorted from the premises back in April 2014, I wonder if we'll get some decent piccies of the Tu-160s. One can hope.

Apparently one of the games the bogies play is catch-me-if-you-can -- the Tu-95 can fly at close to the Typhoon's stall-out speed at altitude and of course the Tu-160 can put the foot to the floor and match the Typhoon's maximum speed but with much greater fuel capacity. Boys and their toys, eh?
I can see the temptation to keep the RAF lads in the air long enough to miss The Archers. It would at least double what these flights generally achieve.