2 days and counting.

WRT the death of Antonin Scalia, and the obituaries and meconium thereof:

It has been so long since I linked to a vid here that the method is unrecognisably different.

Also, from the generally highly readable Crooked Timber, this fair and balanced piece on Scalia's practical philosophy of law and society, including links to extracts from the author's book "The Reactionary Mind".

I hope your VD was suitably itchy pleasant. I think the only things I've said to anyone all day were "Just these please . . . cheers . . . thank you" to the guy at the corner shop.
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Is that sub-titled in Finnish? For some reason I can't imagine Not The Nine O'Clock News translating well, but perhaps not...
I believe it is Finnish, yes. In general it could be tricky, but I would guess that sketch is universal.
I (vaguely) remember watching NTNOCN in Norway and enjoying it. I suspect some of the jokes were lost in translation, but there was enough left to make it fun.
Watching some recently, there were definitely bits that didn't survive the translation from Lateseventies.