The Collected John G. Miller: 1990-1999 - a shameless plug.

I was down at Avalanche yesterday, for what thankfully probably wasn't the last time, and I picked up a collection of John Miller's comic strips. It's got loads of my favourites in it - Tongs!, Andrew J Wilson's World Of Evil Horror, Lesley And The Tumshy People From Space, I Stole Rod Serling's Cigarettes, and many more.

It turns out it's the middle part of a set, covering the nineties, with the eighties and post-millenial strips in other volumes that I now also have to get. Presumably Jack Kerouac vs Moth-Ra is in one of those others.

Have a promotional video.

It's been reviewed positively in Graphic Eye and The Comics Journal. I don't know if Avalanche have any more copies, but Deadhead are pretty much certain to - the three parts are here, here and here respectively. The publisher, Braw Books, also has a couple of others.

I'd list some more stories from it, but my dad's already borrowed my copy. Families, eh?

This has been a public information announcement.
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