Help me, ackurssed intartubes, you're my only hope.

A friend of mine just posted this:

"A transgender FOAFOAF in Glasgow has been put out of her housing and is apparently living rough (and in this weather!). Suggestions of trans-friendly resources are welcome as apparently she's been given the cold shoulder by a few places she's tried."

Anyone have any ideas on who she should be speaking to?

Is it my lovely lost friend Elizabeth? I miss her. Sorry, not helping.
I'm afraid I have no idea who it is. I hope you manage to get back in touch, though.
What is FOAFOAF?

Are there any decent housing cooperatives up there? I know my house sounds like a mad meat factory full of flying meat and meat related incidents and meat explosions and avalanches of meat, but it's the most considerate and open minded place to live I could possibly hope for and I'd recommend it to everyone who needs a little more than just a roof.
Older and greyer, mostly. Still in Edinburgh. I really must come south and see people sometime.

How are you doing?
Or people - you and/or others - could come here. I have a spare room these days.
Things have been tough to be honest. I am a survivor though, having taken advice from a certain few people many years ago, which prepared me for most of what life had to throw at me. I owe a lot to a few, and you're one of them. Thanks for being there.

I would love to come to Edinburgh. Just checking out train fares now. Capri works but far too expensive to run up to you at current state of tune I fear.
What is your schedule at the beginning of March work-wise? Can get a good deal Sunday 5th to Tuesday 7th. Its possible to get a few others involved in that time I imagine too. With a little bit of luck, Elizzza.
Go for it, yes. There's a bed in the spare room and two couches and I may have an air bed . . . plus anything else that can be arranged.
Okay. I can reach Graham H and Richard H and Rob Newman and will do so now.. are Sara and Graham B still up that way? Not sure I can reach Karen B either, but will try. Peta is in Aus of course.

Is Erik... well, alive?