A man, a plan, a disabled toilet in a field in Oxfordshire . . .

Which means that once more it's time for the annual hippy-herding expedition. Among other things, this means that the next time we talk I'll be in a position to tell you whether Status Quo are much cop as a live band these days. I suspect the answer's Yes, but I don't see any harm in finding out for certain.

I'll be out of touch, mostly, until about Sunday, so it's probably a good time to get on with all those disgraceful things you didn't want me to hear about. So enjoy yourselves, and remember - safe, sane and consensual (pick any two).
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Good to hear it. I should be there too, but I'm in Queensland trying to stay in the tropical warmth. I'll be there in spirit as usual. Apparently a bunch of ppl have come over from the Devonport Folk Club, NZ... they never told me!