No, but I had a bottle of wine in my pocket, and shortly afterward I may have been drinking it while looking out of the window . . .
Yeah. Must try that sometime. I am intrigued.

The local Sainsbury's sometimes sells Welsh whisky. I have to try that too. So many distilleries, so little time . . .
Strangly, i prefer a clean, empty beach in 26C with jumpable waves :)
It has its place, certainly. I used to have a favourite beach that was like that much of the time, but I haven't been there in . . . about 33 years. I'm not sure whether I should go back. I hear they've built a shopping centre.
How's life going in general for you these days? We don't seem to have communicated for a very long time now. Hope all's good.
Too quiet, really, but not bad overall. Edinburgh's looking particularly lovely at the moment, which helps. Many many books to get through, too.

My life has been good for a while now. But also fairly quiet. Went to the Calling the other week and hardly recognised anyone!