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So. I've just finished An Evil Guest, which is the new Gene Wolfe novel described by a certain Mr Gaiman here. He's right about the need to read it again, but then I always feel that way about Wolfe stories. It mostly comes across as a crime or espionage thriller until fairly near the end, when it becomes quite obvious that it's something else entirely (although it wears its horror quite lightly, all things considered). Anyway, it's very good indeed and I'm rather enjoying reading Wolfe standalone novels as they come out. There's a lot to be said for not having to remember three volumes' worth of character and incident at a time.

I need to go back to The Tree Is My Hat as well, as it is indeed a chilling little number.
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Sounds like something I must get hold of; but at a time when my unread books pile is less likely to cause structural damage to the house than it is currently.
I haven't read this one yet, but I felt a weird combination of relief and regret that Pirate Freedom stopped when it did rather than sprawling on for another three novels at the end of which you realize the central character is a reincarnation of Father Inire. Off to Amazon now, though.