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Further to a couple of earlier mentions, some of you may possibly be interested in this story concerning yet more things that people can do while asleep. Also slightly scientific is this NS story on the increased fatality rates for the intelligent during the Great War. Slightly puzzling. Finally (for the storylinkage bit, anyway), Mice suspected in deadly cat fire. Seriously.

Just before Christmas (and again just after) discussion came round to Ulrich Haarbuurste's Novel of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm. I know some of you are doubtless tired of me mentioning it and extolling its virtues, so I'm just going to point out that Herr Haarbuurste has had his literary manager Michael Kelly put a Roy-in-clingfilm computer adventure up on his website. The novel itself is, of course, still available here. And no, I'm not on commission.

Also, as it too has come up in conversation a couple of times recently (in conversation, that is, with people who don't remember having seen it) here once more is my picture of the world's most Zen roadsign:

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Irritating crashing browser stopping me reeditting it for several minutes, too. Very annoying.

I'm finding Firefox's session manager increasingly unreliable, which admittedly would be more of a problem if it crashed more often.
Ah, right you are. I speak neither, I'm afraid. Obviously he got it right himself on the page I linked to.

He...I love that term. Silly Americans, what will they do next?
I hate those meeces to pieces!

On the soldier thing, I think it's because the more intelligent soldiers tended to be NCOs or officers and junior officers had to lead from the front.
The article does say that that's a possibility, but I'd hesitate to make a statement based on guesswork.
I think I'd rather wake up screaming than email in my sleep.

(I'm doing a lot better on the waking up screaming thing recently though, it turned out to be caused by being too busy and not taking enough time to relax.)
Good. Glad to hear it. I suppose the consequences are at least more limited this way.

When she was working in a deli, Lara at least once got up in the night trying to find the sack of chickpeas.
Slightly worried that the photo appears to have been taken by the driver of a moving vehicle...
No nearby vehicles, low speed, no need to stop concentrating on the road or let go of the wheel . . . could be worse.
I once rolled a joint in my sleep.
It was a sign that I was smoking too much...
Great roadsign - knocks my favourite into a cocked hat

(on the southbound A34 heading towards the M3, the sign announces the roundabout at the junction, and notes that the exit to the left is the M3, and the exit to the right is the M3. However, it doesn't actually say which direction on the M3 these exits lead to)
Not bad.

I have a fairly longstanding desire to get a shot of the "A404 Amersham" sign on the M25 and potatoshop it into "A404 Amersham Not Found".

Have I mentioned that I'm very easily amused?