Otway, anyone?

John Otway's playing Edinburgh each night until Saturday (although that last is sold out), with added Wild Willy Barrett.

Anyone fancy? I really do recommend seeing him at least once. He's an amazing performer, and if his own songs don't bowl you over then I'm sure his version of House of the Rising Sun will.
But "Beware of the flowers. Because I'm sure they're gonna get you." was voted 7th best lyric ever! If that isn't an indication that he's a brilliant song writer I don't know what it.
Actually, they didn't really do any of the songs I'd expected. Top show, though. Absolutely fantastic.
I saw Otway and Wild Willy Barratt a couple of times at the Boat Race. Excellent both times.

I wonder if Otway still only drinks half pints (in one go).