Also, I was in the Forest with Ed earlier. A friend of his called Annette was there. I've met her once or twice through people like Ed, but that was over the last several years, so I wouldn't say I know her. She was at the gig last night, though.

Anyway, she pointed out that to celebrate Friday the 13th, the Forest had a ladder leaned across the doorway so everyone went under it as they came in, and an umbrella open on one table, and shoes on all the rest.

This brought to mind something Steph said at one of the Writers' Bloc events about things that are unlucky on fishing boats (which he used to work on). Women are unlucky, and so are ministers. Swan Vestas are out, and salmon can't be mentioned by name - they have to be called "red fish". All very odd.

Apparently seeing one swan is considered unlucky, because its mate may have died. Perhaps Swan Vestas are out because there's only one swan in the picture. Would it be OK if you always carried two boxes?

Answers on a postcard, please . . .
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Apparently it's bad luck to mention rabbits on a boat. They should only be referred to as 'underground chickens'.

That was told to me by the woman who does the ghost walks in Tenby. She also mentioned that it's considered bad luck to paint a boat green. And, when I looked around Tenby harbour, crowded with boats of all kinds, sure enough none of them were green...
I was amused to see that drunk people were hitting their heads on that ladder all night....they deserved it!