This last week.

I came across another Graham Clark this weekend. On a mailing list. I was already aware that there was a photographer in town called that, but I didn't really expect to come into contact. I hope it won't cause confusion.

I saw Kate and Tony last week. I popped down to Haltwhistle, in Cumbria, being overflown by five Tornados en route and passing through Warwick-on-Eden, and took them to see Lara in Newcastle.

While Kate's hair was drying (I think) Tony and I popped to a local pub, passing a second-hand bookshop on the way. Tony insisted on stopping to check the boxes outside (honesty/letterbox deal, mostly 50p each) and I was amazed (really very very surprised indeed) to find a 1948 copy of My Friend Mr Leakey. The stories are in a different order from the copies I have and the illustrations are different. So's the author biog, actually - "He is 55 years old, and a communist . . . His cat is white and deaf, but she can turn somersaults. He is bald, weighs about 15 stone and is fond of swimming."

We went into Newcastle along the old military road, which follows the wall closely. I hadn't seen it before, and Tony obviously had a lot to say about it. I'm going to have to go and have a look myself now. Bloody historians.

After a false start, Lara found us a place to have Italian (which was very nice), after which we showed Tony and Kate the vampire rabbit, then I took them back to Haltwhistle and headed home. Fascinating, and lovely to see people.

Over the weekend I wandered around, sat in the sun, saw my parents, went to the Forest to catch some drummers at work, finished Wise Blood, read The Undertaking and started Lonely Werewolf Girl, and stuck a newer secondhand SCSI card in the PC. Not terribly eventful. Relaxing.

It may be worth people noting that Stephen Pinker's speaking at a University event at the end of next week, and Walter Willett the week after, Both ticketed but free. Tomorrow night Writers' Bloc are appearing at an event in Biggar and on Sunday will be in Prestonpans. The Meadows festival, I believe, is at the end of that week (6th and 7th).
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Yes, yes. It's all over at the moment.

It's surprisingly cold still, though. Even when the sunshine's warm the air's cold. Hopefully that'll change soon.
Sounds just like here in the caldera. But I head North 6hrs drive today to where it is usually warmer and wetter. To clear out my house ready for sale completion next week.
Did you see that Momus is playing in Newcastle on July 23 at the Star and Shadow Cinema?
Re: Momus
I hadn't heard, no. Cheers.

Hmm. A Wednesday. Very tempting.