High rise

Steve Bell has an update on Ebbsfleet.

Yesterday I met Mark and Lauren down in some shopping centre in Leith (Beth wandered past too, but then headed off on her way) to see Doomsday. If you're not aware of this cinematic entertainment, it's Escape from New York reset in Glasgow with added plague, mediaevalism, and (worst of all) Eighties chart music. It moves along nicely and is entertaining despite some blatant ludicrousness. To be honest, it has holes you could drive a bus through, but as big dumb films go it's pretty decent.

After that it was off to Glasgow to eat soldiers see Ladytron. The support were fellow Scousers Elles S'appelles, who were quite fun if not as distinctive.

They have some real instruments these days. Not just a drummer, but a fetching guitar/bass pair of Vox Phantoms too. And three piles of keyboards, obviously. They played a load of stuff off the new album (the ones on MySpork), several ones I know (mostly from Witching Hour) and about three others a couple of which may also be new. Very good. Marnie seemed pleased to be in Glasgow. They probably play there more often than Sofia, though, so I doubt folk feel too deprived.

Traffic was obviously crawling on the M8 as we approached it, so we took the scenic route to avoid the jam. This may have taken us longer than it saved, but it had the benefit of taking me through Bishopbriggs for the first time in about 35 years.
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