Last week

Thursday. Caligula bit and scratched Phil again. I went over to the Psych department to be in somebody's research. I don't know yet what it's all about, but I have some sneaky guesses (which will inevitably turn out to be wrong, of course).

Friday: Ed came round, so I missed sending Mel off. In the evening, rLex's birthday bash, featuring many cameras and The Fisting Stick. Keith played a Bomb the Bass track which samples a particular mid-seventies Brazilian funk bassline (which I know from looking stuff up over the weekend - I've never managed to note down what was playing when I've heard it before).

On Saturday Ed came round again and we sat on the Meadows with rLex et many al until thunder chased us all off. Roy and Mo came round, Mo insulted me outrageously and is now officially persona non grata, then we went to the Hoose to celebrate Sara H's bidet and finally the Dagda. Nice quiet day.

Yesterday I read, tidied and went for a walk, bumping into Saunderses et al on the way.
That sounds like a bogus weekend dude! Hope people see sense.

I'm still fully entertaining the idea of coming up by the way, just as soon as my forever broken money pit rumbling rust mobile convinces me it'll make the drive. You'll have to get haggis in. I'll let you know in plenty of time.