The shah sleeps . . .

I hadn't realised Carter were playing again. Two gigs, as before, but London and Birmingham this time. And almost sold out already.

In other news, one of my favourite ex-accountants is on tour, with friends:

24-6-08 - Asbury Park, NJ- Asbury Lanes
26-6-08 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
27-6-08 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
04-7-08 - Glasgow, UK - ABC1
05-7-08 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
06-7-08 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfrun Hall
26-7-08 - London, UK - Kentish Town Forum
29-7-08 - New York City - Webster Hall

Yes, it's Butthole Surfers, which means I have to phone Glen.

Back in the day, the cool indie kids were into the Pastels and lots of Bearsden bands (and Sonic Youth, but they were right on that score so I'll ignore it). Liking the Buttholes was considered prima facie evidence that there was something wrong with you. Somewhere along the way it's become, if not acceptable, at least forgivable. They have become elder statesmen of acid-crazed brain-damaged swamp-rock, and are widely regarded with a certain affection in the press, although I'm sure this stops short of actually buying their records.

I knew they were playing London, but Glasgow's even better.
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‮Well, indeed. A must-see in my view. Sandy might well be up for it too - he developed a liking for them at one point.
That's how I found out. I just looked up and joined their mailing list out of annoyance at having missed Abdoujaparov. Lee Harvey's Grave.

I haven't heard that in over 10 years. I think it was at your flat.
How did I miss that post to gigsandthings about Butthole Surfers playing just down the road from me at Kentish Town?! Must get tickets :-)