Another picture of me on Wednesday. From the front this time.

Today I saw Nick Cave doing an impression of the Duracell bunny. He's surprisingly good at it. Barry Adamson was supporting. Expensive, but memorable. Lauren didn't feel up to the gig, so I (woe is me!) had to go along with Mark to stop the ticket being wasted. I passed on the opportunity to buy a tea-towel printed with the handwritten lyrics of The Mercy Seat, which I may come to regret.

In other news, the Hoose has Half Man Half Biscuit on the jukebox and a tremendously amusing carrot behind the bar. A picture may well follow.

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Thank you. There's been a major effort on the photography over the last couple of years - there's an organised photography group now, and one of them (Öve, who took that photo) came along to a lot of our sessions. A gallery's being built at

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I've seen the preview. I haven't been through them all since more went up. Don't worry, though - I will.
Do... There are some very good ones of the Neidfire and the Lighting of the torches..
Sounds good. By a strange coincidence I'm listening to Moss Side Story while reading this.
I don't have anything he's done recently, and very little post-Magazine. I've a feeling that might change now, especially as he's got three albums on Emusic.
I think I'm going to go and cry now. I want that tea-towel!

I wonder what would happen if you crossed the Mercy Seat Tea-towel with Joy Division Oven Gloves. Should I start taking my medication again? :P