D minus one.

Saturday was Ansel Adams, which was very excellent, and then seeing St Jude's Infirmary doing a quick drummerless set in Avalanche. A very acceptable afternoon. Sunday was much Beltane stuff - a big walkthrough and a health & safety briefing. During the week I went out to practice arson with Jim, first at Crichton Castle (very nice, and I'd no idea it existed) and then with Jim and Charlotte at Dalkeith country park. Both excellent days out, and photos or even vido may turn up at some point.

On Sunday just gone there was various construction work on the hill, possible because we have storage space for a few days this year, followed by rehearsals of various patches. On Monday I trailed all over the place and came back with new albums by The Fall and the mighty Biscuit to show for it. Apparently an Edinburgh gig for the latter is fairly likely. Today Jim, Phil and I went to Vogrie country park for more of the same, with various old iron kilns, woodpeckers, oddly carved trees, caves and luminous fungus cropping up along the way.

I've spent this evening convinced I've forgotten something. I don't think I have, though. When the record finishes, I'll turn in. It's going to be a long day, and possible an even longer night.

Gena's back in town, incidentally, for a couple of days. I'm not sure how many people who'll be reading this up here will remember her.
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Have a good one.

We are autumnal starting to turn winterish, alas the seasonal fests really don't feel right here - even upside down. I tried the solstices for a few years, but even they don't feel right. There might be new places to discover yet tho.

However, in the colder and damper region of Waikato and indeed here inside the Rotorua caldera, the need for festivals is greater.... We'll enjoy our Blues music festival in June which coincides with the Targa Rally, which is fun.
Crichton Castle is a particular favourite of mine. I suppose it is just far enough off the beaten track to be almost secret.